tablet computer cooling bracket
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  • Air Protablet computer cooling bracket
  • Air Protablet computer cooling bracket
  • Air Protablet computer cooling bracket
  • Air Protablet computer cooling bracket
  • Air Protablet computer cooling bracket

tablet computer cooling bracket

The computer cooling bracket is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface of the anti-skid silica gel prevents the sliding at the bottom of the equipment, prevents the sliding of the equipment, and prevents the friction between metals.The hollow heat dissipation design at the bottom effectively enhances the air circulation and accelerates the heat dissipation speed.You can change the Angle according to your own input habits to avoid neck and visual fatigue.When folded, it is easy to carry.


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1. Due to the incorrect posture of office workers, the body "strain" problem, which is an occupational disease of office workers

Do not know everyone around because of long-term typing and caused tenosynovitis, or because of a long time bowed the head and sit and cause problems in the lumbar spine, cervical vertebra friends?

I myself have seen a doctor for tenosynovitis, and I have had team members who have had cervical spine problems that require a cervical retractor for a long time.

This kind of "strain injury" is becoming more and more common among office workers due to a lack of attention to the working environment and ergonomics.。

We office workers also want to improve the working environment, but the working conditions are really not allowed.

Many companies, for example, provide laptops only for employees because of cost concerns.

While it's more convenient to travel for work or to work on the move, a prolonged period of bending your head can lead to cervical spine related problems.

If you do not pay attention to sitting posture at work, hunched back "nest" in front of the computer, and even may cause injury to the spine and lumbar spine.

More importantly, this "occupational disease" does not belong to the scope of office injuries, in other words, only their own bad body and the "professional team" to carry.

2.The office workers suffering from "occupational diseases" are all over the world

Studies have proved that when using computers, incorrect posture will aggravate the burden of cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra, causing sequelae of cervical vertebra or lumbar vertebra: dizziness, low work efficiency.

This bow for long-term volt case "occupational disease" is not only affects the work of Chinese workers, office workers are more or less all over the world by the neck ache, back ache "strain" : the national center for biotechnology information includes discussions on "daily use computer lead to neck pain syndrome, other parts of the UK and have similar research.

Since we all know that desk work is harmful to our health, why don't we change our usual work habits?

You may have seen one of those "inventions" for "student hunchback prevention" -- a metal pole that looks like a roller coaster safety device that is held across a student's face.

Aside from how ridiculous it might be to use it in the office, the bar does nothing to prevent slouching: I can already see myself sleeping comfortably, hunched over, with my head resting on it.

Of course, an external monitor with a lift function, an electric lift table and an original, imported Italian ergonomic chair can solve the problem perfectly.

But in terms of practicality, that sort of thing will have to wait until I'm the boss.

So is my cervical spine really disposable and irreparable?

Of course not. If you want to relieve the cervical pain caused by a long time of bowing your head, in addition to those methods just now, we can also start from the root cause and dredge the problem from the inside out.

The laptop sits on the desk, so we look down at the screen.

Our necks are tired because we're looking down at the screen.

Why don't you just use a stand to "hold" your laptop?

It is better to have an adjustable suspended bracket, which can not only adjust freely but also help dissipate heat.

3. Why not try a tablet laptop cooling stand?

The notebook heat dissipation bracket introduced today is such a product. It has adjustable height so that users can adjust freely according to the height of their desks and chairs. No matter 1.5 meters or 1.8 meters, they can find a comfortable "eye level height".

The anti-skid block and flexible anti-skid silicone gasket of this radiator can be held by hand, firmly "lock" the computer, to ensure the safety of the computer.

In addition, flexible silicone gaskets are used where the cooling bracket contacts the computer body, which will not leave scratches on the computer body like other products.

The mat is also suitable for flexible silica gel gasket package, put on the computer has a strong friction, so that the computer as stable as Mount Tai, do not leave a chance to loose.

Not only that, the computer cooling bracket is made of aluminum alloy material, and the body of less than 300g can bear 200kg of weight.

The minimalist hollow design not only does not affect the heat dissipation of the computer, but also improves the heat dissipation effect of the computer because the vent is no longer covered by the desktop. The folding design also makes the heat dissipation bracket more portable.

This tablet laptop cooling stand can hold your computer at eye level, allowing you to see your computer screen at eye level, eliminating the need or need to look down.

And the computer in the picture batch processing heat dissipation ability is tested, the heat dissipation bracket will be at the bottom of the computer vent integrity exposed, heat dissipation pressure naturally light a lot.

This notebook computer heat dissipation bracket can not only adjust the height and lift of the support surface, but also the multi-angle adjustment can relieve the fatigue caused by long time working and watching TV series. Office use is conducive to the adjustment of sitting posture and the protection of the cervical spine.

So this kind of laptop computer bracket is very useful for those of us who work for a long time. It not only solves the problem that we work for a long time and make the neck ache and uncomfortable, but also makes the laptop ventilation and heat dissipation for us so that the life of the laptop can be longer.

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