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What is a silicone mattress? Is it bad for you?


With the improvement of people's living standard, their sleep health is also more and more important. From the previous palm mattress, spring mattress to the current silicone mattress, latex mattress, water mattress and so on. Let's meet silicone mattress today.

Silica gel is an excellent shock absorber. The silicone absorbs the impact and then slowly releases it. Using this property to use silica gel on the mattress will have the effect of relieving pressure. In addition, the hardness and softness of silica gel will change at different temperatures (hot becomes soft and cold becomes hard). The body is known to have a slightly curved S-shape rather than a straight line, and sleep with the hips firmly in contact with the mattress, while the waist is slightly spaced from the mattress due to the curve of the body, so the area supporting the hips is higher, softening the silicone in that area. The temperature at the waist is lower because of a slight gap, which makes the silicone here harder. Through this change, the silicone mattress will achieve the effect of sculpting the body curve.

The advantage of silica gel mattress is: automatically adjust to the most suitable degree of softness and hardness of the human body, release the body pressure comprehensively, give the body each part complete support and comfortable support. The downside is that because silicone is used in mattresses only a few years ago, its exact lifespan is unknown, but laboratory tests suggest it could last seven to eight years. Buy mattress according to his demand choose and buy, do not look at the surface only, the most attention is qualitative material, buy to use long otherwise cause certain harm to human body.