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The product on the machine can not be adjusted product in the end is the problem of the machine or the mold


The product on the machine can not be adjusted product in the end is the problem of the machine or the mold

Today, I'm going to talk about this interesting problem in the industry. In the course of my career, I often encountered and heard dialogues like this:

1, a set of mold on the machine, injection production technicians left and right, dead tune rotten tune, waste a lot of, and tired half dead, but the customer still has not signed qualified plate.

Boss ask injection molding master (supervisor, foreman) what problem?

Injection molding master: This is a mold problem; It's a machine problem.

Boss: Is there a practical solution?

Injection molding master: I don't understand. It's a mold problem.

2, in the mold test, the technician said to the fitter master, the product should be changed in this place, the production will be smooth. Master fitter back to the mold room with the design master feedback problem, the design master said: the mold is done, they can not beer is their business, this is the tuning problem, whatever. I don't know anything about injection molding. I just draw pictures.

So HERE are two ideas in particular:

1. Injection molding production technician must provide your solution when opening the mold repair order.

2, mold design master in drawing, must draw the cost-effective mass production of mold design.

If injection molding personnel do not have a comprehensive theoretical knowledge, rich on-site operation ability, it is difficult to provide satisfactory products and services for your customers.

Here's a real example

One of my friends, Li, is a second-generation official. His father retired and left an injection molding factory for him. Relying on his father's relationship, the factory has been doing the export orders of domestic listed companies: washing machine control panel, and washing machine doors and Windows.

These two electrical accessories are to spray oil coating, so the appearance of injection parts defects, such as clamping line, Yin and Yang color can generally be covered. 

Last year, In order to expand the company's business, Mr. Li received many orders of plastic parts for purification water dispensers from another listed company.

We all know that the accessories of the drinking machine are in contact with the drinking water, so they will not be sprayed with oil. In particular, the shell of the surface appearance requirements and strict, no clamping line, Yin and Yang color. And the home appliance listed company is to execute the JIT on time material supply system, because the material is not provided in time to cause the final assembly line to stop pulling, stop 1 hour, fine supplier 12000 yuan.

Disaster has come to General Li. The shell of a drinking machine was returned due to unqualified surface appearance, which caused the final assembly line of the drinking machine of a power plant to stop pulling for 2 hours, and the supplier Li was fined. After negotiating with the assembly line to switch to other products and agreeing on the delivery time. Manager Li wechat me, I hope I come to the scene of emergency fire. Because 24 hours later, we must supply qualified materials on time, otherwise it will increase the assessment and investigate the loss, and pull away all the accessories of the drinking machine.

On the way in the past, I thought: the jingyin injection moulds of the power plant are all made by qualified large mold factories, and these moulds have been accepted by the injection molding department of the listed company. It may not be the mold problem, but the adjustment ability of the injection molding technician of Li.

When we arrived at the workshop, we found that the injection supervisor and foreman were adjusting the machine. I greeted them, listened to some of their gripes, and looked at their metrics. Privately to Mr. Li said: you let them not adjust, in the side to watch me adjust the machine, and so I half a minute to get it done, and then to explain it to them. Looking at gong's skeptical eyes, I smiled.

This is a water dispenser body accessories, high gloss, purple, looks very high-end. The mold has a delay device, the machine is 800T of domestic machine. Just now I saw Li general injection technician adjustment machine, they know that they have not seen the mold injection glue delay device, do not know the use principle of delay device. Because they set the parameters of the delay device is no delay, all the needle valves of the injection molding machine are opened when the injection glue is shot.

When I adjusted the parameters of the delay device according to my idea and spent 20 minutes trying about 10 beers, Mr. Li's whole face turned green when he looked at the sample confirmed by the quality control supervisor.

At that time, I could only be the peacemaker and say: it's not their fault. Because the products of washing machines used to be painted with oil spray, Yin and Yang color, the clamping requirements are not so high. As it happens, the mold of your factory has no delay device, so we can't adjust it, which is understandable. I had to explain to The injection technician of General Li on the spot the adjustment principle of the clean drinking accessories with delay device.

One cleaning machine accessories, 4 needle valves, 800T injection molding machine production, the total time of injection pressure is 10 seconds.

1. According to the shape of the product, no. 1 hot nozzle needle valve needs the most glue, and the line part of the mold at the bottom of the turn of the product cannot do the hot nozzle of the needle valve. The distance of glue is the longest, so the amount of glue should be injected first. The first group GATE1 is set to 0, indicating that the needle valve does not close and block, and does not delay the injection of plastic, and the injection molding machine shoots the glue into the mold. If OPEN is set to 10, the needle valve opens for 10 seconds and closes after 10 seconds.

2. According to the shape of the product, the second group GATE2 is set as 1, indicating that the needle valve is closed and blocked, and the injection plastic is opened after a delay of 1 second, so as to eliminate the line clamping between 1 and 2 positions. If OPEN is set to 9, the opening time of the needle valve is 9 seconds. After 9 seconds, the needle valve is closed.

3. According to the shape of the product, the third group GATE3 is set as 3, indicating that the needle valve is closed and blocked, and the injection plastic can be opened after 3 seconds, so as to eliminate the collision between position 2 and position 3. If OPEN is set to 7, the needle valve opens for 7 seconds and closes after 7 seconds.

4. According to the shape of the product, GATE4 of the fourth group is set as 5, which means that the needle valve is closed and blocked, and then opened for 5 seconds to inject plastic and fill to prevent the product from shrinking. If OPEN is set to 5, the opening time of the needle valve is 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the needle valve closes.

5, the opening sequence of the needle valve, how long to open, is determined by the shape of the product, quality requirements. During the adjustment, the product structure should be analyzed clearly, and the needle valve should be opened first and the needle valve should be opened later. Only in this way, the clamping line, shrinkage, gas lines, Yin and Yang color of the product appearance can be perfectly solved, and the customer experience can be improved!

6. The total time of GATE time and OPEN time of each group should match the total time of injection molding machine. The former should not be shorter than the latter.

After speaking the principle of adjusting the delay machine on the spot, I let the injection director to operate the time setting of the delay machine. And to all the technical personnel said: we want to do a good job in injection molding, remember a word: low-key studious, not to ask, go out to visit other people's injection molding factory, more experience of the industry's advanced technology, advanced concept, can be on injection molding production abnormal problems.

Things like the one that took customers off line and got assessed are really not supposed to happen. You are just a processor, the mold has been done, and by the so-and-so company acceptance, why do you still make unqualified products and let people return it?

Why don't you ask the mold factory for molding parameters or seek assistance from the mold factory when you are not well adjusted? In fact, the rules of the industry, the mold factory is responsible for their mold, they are to teach the injection molding factory to use his mold. Or is everyone too proud to ask for advice? Injection molding production includes all kinds of equipment, mold, plastic, machine process, very complicated! It cannot be fully comprehended by a single person. When there is an abnormal occurrence, we must communicate more, seek more assistance, communicate more with upstream suppliers and downstream customers, find more coordination, so as to do a good job of products, serve customers well, and try our best to improve our customer experience score.

Many injection molding people in the industry do not precipitation injection molding knowledge, they often know when ten, from the pride. When the production of some difficult, beyond his recognition of the problem, they will often shirk the responsibility to say: this is the mold problem, this is the adjustment of the problem.

But when he said this is the problem of the machine, he could not say what is the problem of the machine technology? How should adjust just can be good!

When he said that this was a mold problem, he could not say what is the specific problem of the mold, how to correct and improve! Does not offer implementable solutions.

This is the status quo of 80% of the foreman in the injection molding industry!