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The Future of die and Mould Industry -- 20 years from the voice of die and mould engineers!


The Future of die and Mould Industry -- 20 years from the voice of die and mould engineers!

In recent years, the mold industry is not as good as before. Fierce competition leads to the downward price of mold orders, and some people choose to leave the industry. As a mold industry in the struggle for more than 20 years of mold people, for these years of evolution is deeply felt in this do some simple analysis, I hope to be helpful to everyone, especially just engaged in, or will be engaged in the mold industry new people.

First of all, mold is the mother of industry, mold can make products to achieve mass production, improve efficiency, reduce costs, is impossible to be eliminated industry. Especially in the current era of rapid development of China's industrialization process, the mold industry is still a sunrise industry, is still a full of opportunities!


There are mainly several development directions for the development of mould in the future:

1. High accuracy. Whether the accuracy of the size can be achieved. The countries that did it best were Japan, Germany. With decades of continuous learning, innovation, our Chinese mold industry has also emerged a large number of companies specializing in high-precision mold manufacturing. To do high precision mold, there are two main elements, one is equipment, one is talent.

2. High efficiency means high automation. With the popularity of all kinds of automatic equipment with mold production, as well as the improvement of the intelligent degree of standard parts inside the mold, the efficiency of mold production is becoming higher and higher, and it will develop towards a higher and better state. In this process, the requirements of mold designers will be more and more high, at that time, mold designers can not only understand the automation equipment, but also participate in the design. In the highly developed mechanization degree of the future, the term general labor will probably disappear. In future factories, there will be only three kinds of people: managers, technicians and robots.

3. New molds make continuous progress with technological innovation. A lot of molds that need to be achieved in a very complicated and tortuous way can become very simple. Many structures that were previously thought impossible became possible. These are new opportunities and challenges in the mold industry, specifically, opportunities and challenges for mold designers. Mold factories that master these new mold design and manufacturing technologies will have more initiative. Mold, always depends on the technology and quality of the industry ah!

4. The trend of product development and mold integration is inevitable. This change is more than the assembly line to replace the all-powerful mold master can affect the manufacturing model of a change. To put it simply, it is a new position integrating mold design and product research and development, a new position that can be responsible for the whole product from the appearance to the organization, to the mold, to the mold processing, mold production and product assembly. Become the absolute core of manufacturing.

Most of the new mold industry is mold professional graduates, or mechanical graduates. Relatively speaking, the number of mold professional graduates or a little advantage, after all, understand some mold knowledge and mechanical drawing. The new mold man can be said to be the new blood of all positions in the mold industry. Without the supplement of new blood, this industry cannot operate reasonably. So what kind of work can the new mold do? How to do less detours?

 1. Mold fitter master (assembly fitter, mold repair fitter)

This post was a generalist in the past, the mold is basically made by them, but now the nature of this post has changed a lot, the specific parts processing has been subdivided into various processing posts, do not need the fitter master is responsible for. Now basically is subdivided into assembly fitter, repair mold fitter two posts. The assembly fitter is mainly responsible for the assembly of the new mold, flying mold, mold test, and mold repair fitter is mainly responsible for the maintenance of the mold.

The skills required for this position are as follows:

1. Processing machine operation: a qualified fitter should master common machine operation, mainly milling, grinding, car, drilling and so on. Then there are flying models and assembly skills. There are basically no shortcuts to these manual skills, simply look, ask and practice more. Of course, it is necessary to buy a fitter craft book beforehand, there are a lot of practical things, the master does not necessarily speak to or not the most correct view. For example: sharpening skills and angles, the use of tapping, screw hole reservation and so on, do not understand the master, ask the master is much better than blindly, generally one or two months, most of the machine operation is no problem.

2. Mold structure: This part belongs to the theoretical knowledge, as a mold fitter must also understand. Of course, do fitter, basically the principle of mold structure are based on. 3-4 months down, some complex mold structure should not be a problem. At this time, it depends on what molds are done in the factory. If they are some simple molds, or molds of a structure, things in the factory basically go to the end of school.

3 software: the general factory of the fitter master is not this requirement, but there are some factories need to check their own drawings, will use the best of course. In fact, it is also simple to learn under simple operation.

2, the processing post master

This is the largest number of people in the mold industry, because in recent years the mold industry began to popular line operation mode. In the past, the situation of a mold master fighting the world is no longer, instead of professional processing positions. Common are: milling machine, grinding machine, lathe, line cutting, edM, CNC operating machine, polishing and so on.

These positions basically do not need to know too much mold technology, so, if your goal is just the current position of the master, it is very simple, a lot of practice is. Of course, understanding the drawings is a must. Summed up two: understand the parts diagram, manual clearance. It is normal for these posts to start in three months, one year or so is a master, and two years or so is almost a master. These posts basically belong to manual live technicians, technology to a certain extent it is difficult to improve.

3. CNC programming

Learning CNC programming is basically CNC operating machine background. But in any case, it is certain to learn to operate the machine first, because learn to operate the machine is not only the process of understanding the machine, but also intuitive contact with various problems and technical points, there are great benefits to the programming learning behind. General operation machine about half a year, software should also learn about, this time you can have several choices.

1. Go directly to find a programming job, but this possibility is not likely, because there is still a gap between self-study and actual combat, generally very sad interview, unless there is a relationship is about the same, but even then is also into the company with the master for a period of time before starting to work.

2. Find a teacher to study, if you have friends, you can live there or near him for one or two months, practice every day, consult, this is also good. You also need to have enough self-control, or the consequences will be unpredictable.

3. Find a training class, must have enough technical strength, focus on training for one or two months. It should be said that if the master is good, this way is the best, although it takes some money, but now the world is like this, there is no gain for nothing, do not want to spend money and want to learn technology quickly and well, which has such a good thing oh. As long as you feel that the harvest is more than the pay is worthwhile, after all, save time to earn with more income ah!

4. Mold design

Mold design this post should be at the top of the mould industry technical positions, because this job need to grasp things really too much, but the position of the salary is relatively high, even if the level is general, also is equivalent to master processing medium level of salary, so, want to move into the position of the friend also don't have to worry about, no matter what to learn, There are still corporate needs. But it just takes a little longer.

Simple analysis of a qualified mold designer needs to have a variety of abilities:

1. Mechanical drawing

This is the most basic, if the school learned it is ok, adapt to the mold professional drawing way is ok. If there is no new person to learn this, it is best to find someone to coach, in fact, software is not difficult, commonly used commands so a few, more practice practice is skilled, the key is method

2. Processing technology

The understanding of the processing process is the same as the mold master, or even more in-depth, mainly for some external processing process on the design of the impact should also be taken into account, and this is the general mold master does not care about (mainly: all kinds of heat treatment, electroplating, sandblasting, tanning, nitriding, surface high frequency and so on. This ability is very important, a mold designer does not understand processing, you can imagine that the design of the mold must have processing problems.

So, how to master all the new mold processing technology? In fact, it is not difficult to figure out, because the understanding of mold design for processing and the standard of the master fitter is not the same, the standard of the master fitter is to do things, can do accurate, can do well, can do fast. And the mold design of the understanding of processing technology in fact, as long as you know the process of processing principle, scope of work, way, accuracy, time, cost, effect and so on, you do not need to do it yourself. Of course, it would be better to do it yourself, to understand it thoroughly, but it's not necessary. For example, for heat treatment, we only need to know the result, effect, cost and time, and we can ignore the specific process.

Just like people who can drive cars may not be able to repair cars, new people who take mold design as the goal, when learning processing technology, it is not necessary to operate all the machines, especially the machines like CNC,EDM and so on, which are in charge of special people, are not allowed to be touched by others. It is enough to see more, ask more and think more, and figure out the above projects. If you study and observe for six months to a year at most with this purpose, it is basically enough.

3. Stamping, press. Knowledge of plastics, injection molding machine, products, etc

Mold is to do the product to do, so the performance of plastic must understand some, and then is the injection molding machine. To seize the opportunity to see more mold testing, more understanding of injection molding machine parameters, do not understand this is not good. Further in-depth, is the solution of the problem of mold testing, the solution of various product problems, of course, these can not be urgent, a day is good. The time that arrives half an year or so can learn probably almost.


4. Mold structure

In fact, this is the most core thing, the rest is auxiliary. So how does a new mold learn mold structure? First of all, information is essential. Those who do not prepare any materials and rely solely on their teachers will never be able to design well. Too passive, even if do mold fitter, will be in the auxiliary division of the position mixed for several years before it is possible to boil to the master level, and it is difficult to do the position of the leader. Because of this passive character is used to being led, and it is difficult to lead others. Only those who take the initiative and like to take control of everything can absorb more knowledge quickly and have more opportunities to take responsibility in the future. Naturally, they will have a much greater chance to ascend to a high position.

So how do you do that? As I said, the first thing is to prepare the materials. Generally speaking, one copy is not enough. Generally can be found like this: a basic structure of the mold, now there are a lot of such books, not difficult to find. A mold design process and principle, this book accounted for the mainstream, is the most, the teaching materials of general colleges and universities can also. There is a book, temporarily can not see, that is the mold atlas, this can be used as a basis for a certain time to see, or have done mold design, mainly to improve the level of design, early can not.

When reading a book, first look at the basic structure of the mold, see what each part is called, what function. And then at work against the company's mold research. At the very least, you should know the name and function of everything you see in the office. Soon, the basic mold structure is done, usually in about three days, the worst is a week. If you don't know the basic structure of the mold after more than a month, you are basically confused.

Because there are many levels of mold structure difficulty, roughly can be seen as follows: the most basic two plate die, push plate die 3-7 days. Three plate mold, line position, inclined roof operation principle: within a month. Hot runner, cylinder mold, if the company has, should be done within a month. If there are other complicated things, you can take your time to study, don't worry. Because these are already 90% structures. If the company mold less, simple, the speed can be slowed down a bit. If you understand the structure of the mold to this extent, you can basically proceed to the next step.

5. Software skills

Some newcomers may have been exposed to these in school and learned some of them, and some may know nothing about them. It doesn't matter. Once the direction is set, speed is of secondary importance. First get a computer, then the environment. Generally, if you live in the company dormitory, there will be too much influence. Nowadays, almost all young people have computers. It's hard to imagine someone studying while everyone else in the dorm is watching movies and playing games. It's hard! Even if you stick it out, you may lose friends, most people are playing while you're studying, and you're not fitting in. Unless it is small dormitory, with respect to two or three people, compare studious, that had better. If you have a large dormitory with seven or eight people, it is better to rent a small house. Pay a little extra for peace and quiet.

Had better be to seek a friend to consult more, what book is better. Then there are tutorials, and there are a lot of tutorials out there. But the good and bad are mixed, and there are few really good ones. Also, watching a tutorial is not the same as studying in person.

Learning software also wants to divide step, it is the simplest above all, the most basic CAD. This is a must, although many companies are now moving to full 3D, but CAD, the classic drawing software is not obsolete. Moreover, many basic concepts of 3D software are also from here, as is to lay a foundation for the study of 3D software.

For the study of this software, I want to emphasize the use of shortcut keys. The basic principle of using shortcut keys is to increase the speed of command input. The passing standard is to type all common commands with one hand without looking at the keyboard. Can reach this standard, basically the speed will not be bad. If you go to a training class and the teacher says you can't change the shortcut key, you should leave. It's a lie.


Master all the commands, draw some basic drawings, and that's it. You can go to the company to find the old drawings, copy them, exactly as it should be. Speed can be slowly practiced, as long as the shortcut keys master, speed up very fast. General, the word of self-study should be controlled in a month (amateur time practice) almost ok.

And then the 3D software, the first is the selection software, which unlike 2D, there's only one. There are a lot of 3D software, choose a promising, and in line with their own habits of software will make learning become twice the result with half the effort, otherwise it is troublesome. Now the mainstream 3D software is UG, Pro-E, I will not list too many. I am more familiar with only UG, more than ten years have been using him. Choose between UG and PROE.

How to mix with the mold industry is about here, do not guarantee that we can learn what degree, this still depends on their own. It is mainly to let the novice no longer blind, there is a clear goal, there is a clear path, steps, step by step, how much to go, how much to go are in their own mind... 

For those who are just starting out, here are some suggestions:

1. Don't dismiss the tech industry. The technical industry takes time to accumulate, so it is meaningless to compare the income of ordinary workers with the positions in the technical industry. The sooner you get a high-wage job, the better it is. As soon as a general worker starts to work, if he works more overtime, he will be higher than a skilled worker who has worked for several years. But what about the future? Think about what that means.

2. Not all tech jobs have a bright future. This must carefully analyze the future development, which posts are destined to be eliminated, which posts will be more and more important, you can study for a lifetime, more and more popular. Should consider carefully, do not judge a hero by the success or failure of the moment, also cannot evaluate the future development of a post by the current salary income. Basically there is a law, technical content is high, inside information is deep, the most difficult to learn the post is basically the most promising post. Specific how, oneself good analysis.

3. Problem of learning style. Some skills are with the master to do a few times will, some skills can be self-taught, read a book, it is ok to have computer practice. But there are techniques that lack systematic learning is not worth the cost. You have to think carefully about how you choose to study. If you need capital investment or support from your family, don't be ashamed. If you learn your skills well, you can get a high salary as soon as possible and start your own business as soon as possible, you will have face more than anything. If must rely on own ability the likelihood time wants to extend a lot, how to choose, still want to see oneself.

The mold industry is still promising, even if now is really depressed, really difficult, we do not go to deny this industry! Especially in such a basic industry. The so-called go against the market, now is the most difficult time, it is the time for others to exit, but it is a good time to enter, especially just graduated friends to consider clearly, think more about the future planning!