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Structure analysis of oblique row - position die


Structure analysis of oblique row - position die

Today, I want to share a set of classic mold structure of oblique line position in the line position. I hope that in the future, we can bring you some inspiration in design when we encounter such products.


1, the product into the glue way: there are many ways of the product into the glue, there are bottom into the glue, diving into the glue, direct gate, horn into the glue, point into the glue, small water mouth to big water mouth into the glue, this set of mold adopts the way of diving after the mold into the glue, directly into the side of the product, as shown in the following figure:


2. As can be seen from the slope of the product, there is an inverted button in the front of the product, inverted button in the left and right directions of the product and horizontal inverted button in the whole circle, and inverted button in two oblique directions at the back of the product. The analysis results are shown in the figure below:


3. There is an inverted buckle in front of the small product, which is designed in accordance with the design method of ordinary slider. Because the slider is relatively small, the limit mode of the slider is limited by glass bead screw, and the oblique guide pillar drives the row seat.


4, because the product is round, the whole circle is inverted, the whole circle is inverted, we generally use Haffer slider forming, in the design of Haffer slider should pay attention to: Haffer slider to design positioning, due to the large area of the slide, the line above the design of cooling water transport, as shown in the following figure:


5, the back direction of the product is inverted, inverted is tilted, the slider in the direction of the mold can not be released once, which requires the design of the slider out of the slider, because the product space is limited, the slider is driven by the dial block, as shown in the figure below: