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The CNC operator offered to resign, and the boss asked him a question unrelated to the resignation

The CNC operator offered to resign, and the boss asked him a question unrelated to the resignation

A CNC operator (CNC tuning machine) has worked for three years. He always feels that he is suffering and suffers, and his future is bleak. In confusion, he decides to resign.
After understanding the situation, the boss asked him, "Do you know how the caterpillar crosses the river?" The CNC operator gave three answers:

The CNC operator said, "Cross the bridge", the boss shook his head and said, "There is no bridge";
The CNC operator said, "Through the leaves", the boss said: "The leaves were washed away by water";
The CNC operator went on to say, "I will cross the river if I was eaten by a bird." The boss emphasized: "In that case, the caterpillar will die, and the meaning of crossing the river will be lost."
So how did the caterpillar cross the river?
Finally, the boss told the CNC operator: There is only one way for caterpillars to cross the river, and that is to become a butterfly. The caterpillar has to go through a painful stage before it becomes a butterfly. It is in a cocoon, dark and without food or drink. This kind of pain will take a long time.
Brother, if you are also thinking about resigning,
Then look at yourself first:
Do you already have the ability to fly butterflies.

Change job poor for half a year, change career poor for three years
Dedicated to people who call for resignation every day or who want to resign or who periodically call for resignation and want to resign!
1. Don't leave the team easily, otherwise you have to start from scratch.
2. Don't always think about giving up when you don't go well. Every team has problems and every team has advantages.
3. It is very important to follow the leader. If you are willing to teach you and let you do it, you should definitely cherish it.
4. The problem of the team is your chance to stand out. To complain and complain about the team is to slap yourself, say that you are incompetent, and even give up the opportunity!
5. With a grateful heart, thank the system for giving you a platform, and thank your partners for your cooperation.
6. Creating profit is the core value of your existence, entrepreneurship is not doing charity.
7. If you encounter problems, please think first. It only reflects that the problem is at the elementary level, and thinking and solving the problem is the advanced level.

Who can finally enjoy the results of victory?
1: someone who can always grow with the team.
2: People who are always optimistic about the prospects of the team.
3: People who can find their place in the continuous exploration of the team.
4: People who keep learning new things for the new goals of the team.
5: People with strong stress resistance and patience.
6: People who share the same heart and morals with the team, help each other, and share joys and sorrows.
7: People who don't care about personal gains and losses, but take care of the overall situation.
8: People with great ambition, ability and political integrity, and dedication!
Persistence is not necessarily successful, persisting to the end will surely succeed!
Work hard!
Learn to speak, give people warmth, give people encouragement, give people praise,
Give people confidence, give people convenience, give people hope, give people wisdom!

No matter where you go to work, please remember these words!
1.Work does not raise idlers, and the team does not raise idlers.
2.When entering a line, don't worry about making money, first learn to make yourself valuable.
3.No industry is easy to make money.
4.Nothing goes smoothly when doing work. It's normal to get a little bit of air.
5.If you can't earn money, you can earn knowledge; if you can't earn knowledge, you can earn experience; if you can't earn experience, you can earn experience. After earning all of the above, it is impossible to make no money.
6.Only by changing your attitude first can you change the height of your life. Only if you change your working attitude first can you have a career height.
7.There is only one reason for the confusion-that is the age when you should be fighting, but you think too much and do too little!

Send a word to you: Do it!
Roll up your sleeves and work hard! !
Believe: Happiness is the result of struggle!