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Injection molding machine adjustment technology analysis - 1


Injection molding machine adjustment technology analysis - 1


Injection mold 5 elements

1, temperature: tube temperature, mold temperature, drying temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, ambient temperature, etc.

2, pressure: injection pressure, pressure pressure, back pressure, top needle pressure, mold pressure, locking die pressure, etc.

3, time: injection time, pressure time, cooling time, dry time, measurement delay time, etc.

4. Speed: Ejecting speed, melt glue speed, opening and closing mode speed, demolding speed, etc.

5, location: Metering position, top out position, opening position, etc.

Turnoverman work 5 points

1. When encountering quality abnormalities, it is necessary to analyze the problem with 5M1E (human, machine, material, material, method, measurement, ring), confirm the true cause of clear quality and abnormalities, and then perform the mash operation.

2, when transferring, each time you only move a parameter, observe 2 to 3 beer, analyze the status of the machine, the mold, the material, and then modify the disease.

3, injection molding defects: 70% -80% is a mold abnormal problem, 10% -20% is a material or other factor, and 10% is the problem of transfer process. Don't take the evil road, special processes will be produced.

4, the first piece is started normally 2 hours, it is necessary to improve the improvement of the shortened period of 2 ~ 3 seconds; Best state.

5, 2 hours of cruiser 1 time, confirm whether the parameters are abnormal, modeled, and whether the tube temperature is within the scope, the toner, the barbecue, the mold condition is normal, whether the peripheral equipment is working properly.