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Craft process for precision CNC processing

Craft process for precision CNC processing
Precision CNC machining is actually index control processing, first programming the paper programming, and then connects the computer to the CNC machining machine, order the CNC machining machine to operate, complete the precision parts processing. Precision CNC machining is mainly suitable for small batch, large quantities of multiple spare parts processing, CNC processing parts precision is very high, so serving precision parts for different industries. Here are the process flow of the precision CNC machining.
First, you must see the contents of the process before the CNC parts processing, clearly know the parts, shapes, drawings of the workpiece to be processed, and know the processing contents of the next process.
Before the processing of the raw materials, it should be measured before the blank size complies with the drawings, and must carefully check whether the placement is consistent with the programmed instruction.
The processing process is completed after the completion of roughing is completed in time to adjust the data of the error. The self-test content is mainly the location size of the machining site.
1. Whether there is loose during the machining of mechanical parts;
2, whether the part processing process corrects the starting point;
3. Whether the part of the CNC parts processing to the reference side (reference point) is in line with the drawing requirements;
4, the location size of the CNC machining site. The rough shape ruler is measured after checking the position size (except for the arc).
The parts are finished after being confirmed by roughing. The shape dimension of the drawing portion before the finishing is self-test: the substantially long width dimension is detected on the processing site of the vertical surface; the size of the base point indicated on the drawing is measured.
Complete the partial self-test, confirm that the drawing and process requirements can be consistent with the workpiece to send the testist special inspection. When encountering a small batch of small batch parts in a precision CNC part, it is necessary to confirm the qualified batch processing.
The above is the introduction of the process flow of precision CNC processing. The CNC machining center machine is high, high precision, complex class, small batch parts processing have unique advantages; precision grinding machines are one of the precision machining equipment, mainly finishing , Mainly for the processing of quenching; CNC lathes are also automated processing equipment, general axes, rods, circular parts processing, and more advantages in special precision requirements or small batch parts processing.
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