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Notes for mold design process


Notes for mold design process

Reasonable mold design, mainly reflected in the quality of plastic products (appearance quality and dimensional stability), use

When safe and reliable and easy to maintain, in the injection molding has a shorter molding cycle and a longer service life and has a reasonable

Mold manufacturing technology and so on

All aspects of the above are closely related to mold design.A properly designed mold, on

There's an 85% chance of success, and the rest depends on the skill of the equipment and die maker, so get a pair

Good mold, mold design is a very important link.Therefore, to improve the design level of plastic injection mold

It's very important.To do this, we should pay attention to the following aspects

1. In mold design, we should consider several design schemes, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each scheme, and then select one from them.

2. When designing, refer to similar drawings designed in the past, and understand the situation of its manufacture and use, and absorb it

"And lessons learned.

3. Read more books and magazines related to the design of plastic injection mold at home and abroad to expand my knowledge

It should be noted that there is a certain time lag between what is described in books and the real situation.

4. Frequently concerned about the plastic products on all kinds of products, and analyzed its gating system, ejection system, parting surface selection and die junction

Structure, because this kind of plastic products are produced in recent years, it will be with the book knowledge and their existing design knowledge into

The analysis and comparison can improve the existing design level.

5. Observe the more advanced plastic injection molds at home and abroad, analyze their structural characteristics, to enrich their own design knowledge

And transplant some of the useful structures on these molds into their own designs

6. Learn from die-casting die, die, fixture and related machinery design useful structure, to enrich the design of plastic injection mold.

7. I often care about the manufacture and use of my own molds, and analyze and summarize them.

8. The mold design department of a factory should be a whole, instead of each designer acting independently, especially the mold

In terms of the overall structure, someone has to be in charge.