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Acceptance of plastic mold


Acceptance of plastic mold

We have explained various acceptance items and standards before, and now it is the final comprehensive evaluation of whether a set of molds is qualified or not:

1. The molds shall be checked and accepted one by one according to the requirements of this standard, and the acceptance records shall be made.

2. The acceptance judgment is divided into qualified items, acceptable items and unacceptable items. If all items are qualified or acceptable, the mold is qualified.

3. Unacceptable items: 1 product;1 item of mold material;Mold appearance 4 items;Ejection reset pull plug core 2 items;1 cooling system;2 items of gating system;3 hot runner systems;Molding part 3;1 production process;3 items of packaging and transportation;It is determined that the mold needs to be reformed.

4. Unacceptable number of items: more than 1 item;More than 1 item of mold material;Mold appearance exceeds 4 items;Ejection reset pull core more than 2;More than 1 cooling system;More than 2 gating systems;More than 3 hot runner systems;Molding part more than 3;More than one production process;More than 3 items of packaging and transportation;It is judged as unqualified mold.