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Acceptance criteria for plastic molds - packaging and transportation


Acceptance criteria for plastic molds - packaging and transportation

1. Mold cavity should be cleaned and sprayed with anti-rust oil.

2. The sliding part should be coated with lubricating oil.

3. The feed port of the gate sleeve should be blocked with grease.

4. The mold should be installed with clamping parts, and the specifications should meet the design requirements.

5. Spare parts and wearing parts should be complete, with detailed list and supplier name.

6. Sealing measures should be taken to prevent foreign matter from entering the water, liquid, gas and electricity at the inlet and outlet of the mold;

7. The outer surface of the mold can be sprayed with paint according to customer requirements.

8. The mold should be moisture-proof, waterproof and collision proof.If the customer has a request, it should be done.

9. Mold product drawings, structure drawings, cooling and heating system drawings, hot runner drawings, spare parts and mold material supplier details, operation manual, mold test report, ex-factory inspection certificate and electronic documents should be complete.