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Standard for acceptance and inspection of plastic mold forming part, parting surface and exhaust groove


Standard for acceptance and inspection of plastic mold forming part, parting surface and exhaust groove

1. The front and rear die surface should not be uneven, pits, rust and other defects that affect the appearance.

2. The inserts should be matched with the die frame, and the surrounding fillet should have a clearance of less than 1 mm.

3. The parting surface should be kept clean and tidy. No hand-held grinding wheel should be used to avoid the air.

4. The depth of exhaust groove should be less than the overflow edge value of plastic.

5. The embedded parts should be in place, placed smoothly and positioned reliably.

6. The inserts, inserts and other inserts should be fixed and fixed reliably. The round parts have stop rotation, and there is no copper or iron under the inserts.

7. The end face of the jacking rod is consistent with the core.

8. The front and rear die forming part has no defects such as inverted, chamfering etc.

9. The rib ejection should be smooth.

10. For the products of multi-cavity molds, the left and right parts are symmetrical, and L or R should be indicated. If the customer has requirements for position and size, it should meet the requirements of the customer.

11. The grinding and matching of the locking surface of the mould frame should be in place, and more than 75% of the area should be touched.

12. The ejector should be arranged near the side wall and beside the ribs and bosses, and a larger ejector should be used.

13. For the same parts, please indicate the number 1, 2, 3, etc.

14. The penetration surface, penetration surface and parting surface should be ground and matched in place.

15. The sealing part of parting surface should meet the design standards.The following medium mold 10~20 mm, large mold 30~50 mm, the rest of the machine processing to avoid air.

16. Skin stripes and sandblasting should be uniform to meet customer requirements.

17. For the products with the required appearance, the screws on the products shall have anti-shrinkage measures.

18. Pipe jacking should be used for screw columns with depths greater than 20 mm.

19. The product wall thickness should be uniform, and the deviation should be less than ± 0.15mm.

20. The width of the rib should be less than 60 percent of the thickness of the exterior wall

21. The inlaid core on the inclined top and the slider should be fixed in a reliable way.

22. The front die shall be inserted into the back die or the back die shall be inserted into the front die. The bevel shall be locked around the die and the machine shall be processed to avoid the air