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Acceptance standard for plastic mold gating system


Acceptance standard for plastic mold gating system

1. The gate setting should not affect the appearance of the product to meet the assembly requirements of the product.

2. Reasonably design the section and length of the flow passage, and shorten the process as far as possible under the premise of ensuring the forming quality.The cross-sectional area of the gating system should be reduced to shorten casting and cooling times and to minimize plastic losses from the gating system.

3. The cross section of the three plate die passage on the back of the front formwork should be trapezoidal or semicircular.

4. The three plate die has a broken handle on the gate. The gate inlet diameter shall be less than 3mm, and there shall be a 3mm deep step at the ball head with concave gate.

5. The ball head pull rod should be fixed reliably, and the positioning ring can be pressed down, and the headless screw can be fixed, or the pressure plate can be pressed down.

6. The gate and runner shall be machined by the machine according to the size requirements of the drawing.Manual grinders are not allowed.

7. The point gate should meet the specification requirements.

8. There should be an extension as a cold material hole at the front end of the shunt.

9. Z-type reversal of the tie rod should be smooth transition.

10. The bifurcation channels on the parting surface should be circular, and the front and rear molds should not be misplaced.

11. There should be no surface shrinkage at the submersible door on the jacking rod.

12. The diameter and depth of the cold hole of transparent products should meet the design standards.

13. The material is easy to remove, the appearance of the product has no sprue marks, and the product assembly place has no residual material handle.

14. Bend hook dive gate, two parts of the blade shall be nitriding treatment, surface hardness of HV700.