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Standard for basic acceptance of plastic mould appearance


Standard for basic acceptance of plastic mould appearance

In order to successfully produce high-quality products and prolong the service life of the mold, the quality of the mold must be evaluated from the aspects of mold structure, injection molding process and product quality.

Reference standard:

GB/T 12556-2006 Technical requirements for moulds for injection plastics

GB/T 4169.1~4169.23-2006 Injection mold parts

GB/T 12544-2006 Technical specification of plastic injection mould

GB/T 14486-2008 Plastic molded parts dimensional tolerances

Mould appearance

1. Mold coding, clear, coordinated and orderly characters.

2. The nameplate should be fixed on the die foot near the template and the reference Angle.The nameplate is fixed and reliable, and is not easy to peel off.

3. The water nozzle should be copper block water nozzle.

4. The connected nozzle should be at least 0.5mm lower than the surface of the die frame.

5. The water nozzle of the mold needs to process the sink hole, the diameter of the hole must be more than 1.0mm larger than that of the water nozzle, and the hole chamfering and chamfering should be consistent.

6. The inlet and outlet of the nozzle should be marked.

7. The position of the mark should be 8mm below the nozzle. The writing should be clear, beautiful, neat and evenly spaced.

8.The oil cylinder, water nozzle and pre-reset mechanism exposed to the mold must be protected by supporting legs, which shall not affect the hoisting and storage of the mold

9. The supporting leg shall be fixed on the die frame with screws through the supporting leg for easy disassembly and assembly.

10. In order to ensure the ejection balance of the mold, the ejection hole size should meet the specified requirements of the injection molding machine. Try not to use only one center to eject.

11 positioning ring should be fixed and reliable, ring diameter of 100mm, 250mm two, positioning ring should be higher than the bottom 10~20mm.

12. For molds with direction requirements, an arrow should be used on the front template or back template to indicate the installation direction. Next to the arrow, the word "UP" should be written.

13. There should be no pits, rust marks, redundant rings, water vapor in and out, oil holes and other defects affecting the appearance on the surface of the mold embryo

14. The mould shall be easy to be hoisted and transported. The mould parts shall not be disassembled during hoisting, and the lifting ring shall not interfere with the nozzle, cylinder and pre-reset rod.

15. Mold dimensions should meet the requirements of the specified injection molding machine.

Basic acceptance standards for plastic molds

(2) mold materials and hardness

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