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What is IMT process?What is the difference with IML process?


What is IMT process?What is the difference with IML process?

1. What is IMT process?

IMT is English Insert Mold Three - dimensional shorthand, it brings together a variety of advantages of decoration process, adopted on IML technology in FILM production advantages, absorb the advantage of IMR technology transfer within injection ChengMo, combined with the digital printing and offset printing effect with the traditional screen printing technology, make the IMT technology applicability, wide application, makes up for the limitations of the appearance of the traditional decoration process, satisfying the requirements of product appearance illuminative high-level innovative.The emergence of IMT technology will replace the current injection in the industry, UV light, electroplating, color vacuum plating, silk screen, pad printing and heat transfer process, will drive the innovation of the product appearance industry cross-cutting, realized three-dimensional, color gradient, the R Angle and irregular product exterior adornment effect, at the same time give appearance process design industry provides a better platform for the innovation and implementation!

2. Application scope of IMT

Electronics: Decorative shell, color shell and signage, including U disk, MP3, MP4, VCD, DVD, calculator, electronic notepad, digital camera, etc.

Home appliance industry: including washing machines, rice cookers, microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, bathroom control decorative panel;

Automotive Industry: Includes instrument panel, air conditioning panel, function keys, interior accessories, lamp shell, LOGO, etc.

Computer industry: including case, A shell, keyboard, mouse and other surface shell;

Communications: including lenses, buttons, face case, bottom case and fixed-line telephone panel, window lens;

Other industries: including medical treatment, cosmetic boxes, decorative boxes, toys, sports equipment and recreational sports goods and so on.

3. Advantages of IMT process products

IMT technology unique style, combined with the advantages of traditional technology coating and IML technology, IMR technology, IMF technology, to meet the needs of the product market, improve the appearance of products

The color printing pattern decoration reaches the digital level phase element, leading the market alone

Rich colors and good gradual change effect fully reflect the gloss of the oil film,

Due to the protection of high wear-resistant UV, the wear and tear of characters and LOGO are eliminated, and the service life is leading the current market products

Reliable performance to meet market demand (beyond coating and direct screen printing process)

Decorative layer thickness is 30μm

Product stability: produce consistent and standardized correct color sets for products.

Good 3D effect, can give full play to the art of design.

The appearance decoration of the corner segments gives play to the uniqueness of IMT process.

DiVERSIFIED STYLE: according to customer needs to create metal plating or natural material special style IML mobile phone shell processing plant. JPG

IMT process products are widely used in electronic, digital, medical, automobile, communications, home appliances and other products

Thoroughly improve the defects of IML process, eliminate the product in the process of consumer use of stratified fracture phenomenon, to provide reliability and durability of the product characteristics.

Decorative layer is reduced from 115μm of IML to 25μm to improve the mechanical structure and reflect the ultra-thin structure of the product

Color printing exterior decoration promotes the fashion and appearance of products, and enhances the influence of the brand

IMT pattern and LOGO using inlay process, high wear-resistant UV varnish as protection, improve the appearance of the product durable wear-resistant reliability

3D complex shape design: the extension of FILM can successfully achieve the required product complex appearance development and design requirements

IMT can achieve molding and decoration at the same time, which can effectively reduce costs and labor hours, replace the traditional process of oil injection and screen printing, promote the production more stable, improve the production efficiency of UV high gloss surface decoration, three-dimensional change, can increase the designer's freedom of product design.