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  • Adult mask
    Due to the one-way air valve design, the air permeability is better than ordinary disposable masks and suitable for long-term wearing
    Remove the filter element and it can be sterilized by boiling or alcohol. It only takes 7 days to replace the filter element once a mask is used repeatedly, which is better than KN95 Good quality products, the daily use cost does not exceed 0.2 yuan, economical. (The product is provided with 10 filter elements)

  • This product adopts suction separation design, air is filtered in the middle, airflow one-way circulation on both sides, absorption is smooth, prevent the filter element from being polluted.Due to the two-way valve design, it has better air permeability and is more suitable for long-term wear than a disposable ordinary mask.

  • The product adopts the design of breath separation. The inlet is filtered in the middle, and the air flow from both sides circulates in one direction, making breathing smoother and at the same timePrevent the filter element from being polluted.
    Because of the unidirectional air valve design, the air permeability is better than that of disposable ordinary masks, which are suitable for wearing for a long time.
    The filter element can be boiled or disinfected with alcohol when removed. The filter element can be replaced only once in 7 days after repeated use of a mask, which is better than KN95Good quality products, the daily use cost is not more than 0.2 yuan, economical.

  • • Brand: FA YA • Model: Air Guard • Functions: anti-haze, anti-catkin, anti-dust and anti-bacteria • Material: ABS+ skin-friendly edible silicone

  • Pig snout design, can be boiled, skin-friendly silica gel, after wearing will not have the burr feeling, sweating will not have the discomfort of sticking to the skin. With double vent, it can discharge water vapor faster and breathe more smoothly. Filter element protection design, can reduce the direct pollution of the filter element, at the same time, can directly sterilize the mask, prolong the use of the filter element aging!

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