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Epidemic prevention masks

This product adopts suction separation design, air is filtered in the middle, airflow one-way circulation on both sides, absorption is smooth, prevent the filter element from being polluted.Due to the two-way valve design, it has better air permeability and is more suitable for long-term wear than a disposable ordinary mask.

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Product Description

Silica gel mask

1 picture

2 Product appearance and material structure display

3 Product parameters

Product Name Silicone Mask

The original brand is Curmmiol

Model C1

It weighs about 55 grams

The external dimension is 89mm long, 106mm wide and 75mm high.

Food grade material, silicone, PP, PC+ABS

Function to prevent germs, haze and dust

Suitable for children, teenagers and people with thin faces

Applicable head circumference is greater than 215mm and less than 660mm

4 Introduction of product performance and advantages

1. The main body of the mask is made of silicone, which is soft and comfortable

2. The entire mask only weighs 55 grams, light and free of burden

3. The surface shell adopts the side air intake and the front side adopts nano evaporation coating process, which is smooth and not easy to stick bacteria to prevent germs brought by the other side

The cross transfer shell reduces the contact and attachment of gas, float, and droplets.

4. The product adopts the design of breath separation, the air inlet is filtered in the middle, the air outlet on both sides is one-way circulation, breathing is more smooth, at the same time

Prevent the filter element from contamination.

5. Because of the two-way valve design, the air permeability is better than the disposable ordinary mask for a long time to wear.

6. Removed the filter element can be boiled or disinfected with alcohol. It only takes 7 days for the filter element to be replaced by BKN95 after repeated use of a mask

Good quality products, safe and affordable.(10 filter elements are provided)

5 Suggestions for mask use

1. Wash or disinfect the whole surface and parts of the mask regularly.

2. It is recommended to replace the filter element once every 3 to 7 days.

3. Frequency of filter element replacement: A. Air is usually replaced every 10 days B. Mild pollution is replaced every 7 days C.Moderate pollution will be replaced every 5 days

D. Heavy pollution for 3 days or 1 day.

6 Data comparison

Big data analysis KN95 and medical protective masks may not be suitable for teenagers and children to wear, because such masks are easy to suffocate and suffocate

There are risks

KN95 mask ventilation resistance 300 pa strong airtight protective effect is good easy to suffocate breathing laborious suitable for adults disposable use


Silica gel mask ventilation resistance 150 pa, strong airtight protective effect is good, not suffocated breathing smooth, suitable for adults, children can be reused

7 Quality Assurance

The mask is made of food-grade environmental protection materials with high requirements and safety, and has passed China's monitoring standards. It is safe, non-toxic and reliable, and the filter element can be deep

Filter out bacteria, dust, droplets, etc., the filtration effect reaches more than 95%, so that the air purification is more thorough

8 Instructions

Children face mask Instructions

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