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We are the manufacturer and supplier of silica gel mattress, cold stamping mold and die casting mold in China, and we also have the business of CNC lathe processing.We have professional production technology and complete production mode, we hope to bring quality products and services to the world.Please trust us ~
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  • Silicone pillow is designed according to the principle of Ergonomics
    This product can be washed, machine washed, high temperature disinfection, let your health worry-free.
    This product is antibacterial, mildew-proof, moisture-proof, non-deformation, anti-aging.

  • The silicone pillow is made of pure natural silica gel. The material is very natural and environmentally friendly. At the same time, the pillow is non-pollution and non-toxic, has anti-allergic, anti-mite and anti-bacterial effects, and does not worry about health problems during use.
    The silicone pillow is designed according to the principles of ergonomics. The pillow can naturally fit the curve of the human head and neck during use, effectively improving the pressure of the cervical and lumbar spine, and making people feel very comfortable feel.

  • Silicone pillows have a unique appearance, which is very obvious compared to ordinary pillows. The silica gel of this pillow is like crystal water, but it will not leak like a water pillow.
    Silicone pillows provide you with the same comfortable experience as water pillows, but provide more support than water pillows.

  • Green health silicone pillow natural sweet guardian
    Soft powder Ecological green I The sky is blue

  • There are mainly three types of pillow core:
    Granular material: plant seed or shell. Because can slide freely, this kind of pillow, will not give the baby's neck pressure, and can be arbitrarily fixed baby head sleeping position, prevent choking. The natural material with good moisture absorption and air permeability has the function of promoting intelligence and brain, massaging the baby's head and promoting the baby's brain development.

  • The silica gel pillow is made of silica gel. The latest innovative product, made of a slow rebound material, is covered with a gel that cools the body when it falls asleep and is used regularly to form the shape of the head and neck.

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