The mattress

We are the manufacturer and supplier of silica gel mattress, cold stamping mold and die casting mold in China, and we also have the business of CNC lathe processing.We have professional production technology and complete production mode, we hope to bring quality products and services to the world.Please trust us ~
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  • The mattress uses the Natural Silica Gel material nature and the environmental protection, is soft and comfortable
    Mattresses non-toxic, with anti-mildew anti-bacterial and anti-allergic effect, good for human health.
    The Silica Gel mattress can naturally fit the human body curve in the use process,Effectively relieve the pressure on the cervical and Lumbar Vertebrae, promote blood circulation and make people feel very comfortable.

  • quiet and undisturbed
    One of the biggest troubles when using spring mattresses is that when you turn over, there will be a crunching sound, and the person next to it will jump up on their own when they get up... Latex mattresses will not have this trouble, while sleeping Basically undisturbed.
    high durability
    Silicone is not easy to deform, and it is generally not a problem to sleep for 10 to 15 years. Of course, there are some issues to pay attention to when choosing a silicone mattress. For example, is the thicker the latex mattress the better? No, but the thicker the more expensive. If you don't pursue a very soft sleep experience, usually a latex mattress of about 3cm is enough.

  • Product parameters:
    • Brand: FUYA
    • Model: Full silicone mattress
    • Material: Silicone
    • Size: 1500mm*2000mm 1800mm*2000mm
    • Thickness: 50mm

The company's The mattress are of high quality, good reputation, and thoughtful service, and have won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad. With a cheap price, you will get a good The mattress and excellent service. With "excellent quality casts outstanding brand" as the business goal, strictly implement the ISO9001, 9002 quality certification system standards~